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[PA] A Rose's Poisonous Thorns by TransBee [PA] A Rose's Poisonous Thorns by TransBee
Finally updated her O:

Whoops I'm trying to get back in the group xD I really need to make up my mind on whether I want to stay in it or not.


Aeaea Jack (E - A - Uh)








Toxic Fist




Hidden Blade within her petal's on her hands. The ones on her hands only used for sneak and quick attacks. Has five strapped to her inner thigh for long range attacks.



Summary Characteristic:

Capable of taking hits


Poison Point


:iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Sting

:iconbugtypeplz: Pin Missile 

:icongrasstypeplz: Razor Leaf

:icongrasstypeplz: Petal Dance


    Aeaea was born in a predominant, and rather wealthy family of many grass types. Her mother was a beautiful Lilligant who was married in wedlock to her father, a Victreebel. Her father was looked up to by most of society, before she was born. He had always wanted a son, so Aeaea always felt the need to prove herself to her father due to this fact and that she was a 'half-blood', meaning not of full 'rich blood' as she heard some call it.  
    So she took up most sports and groups that boy's her ages would have gone in. Archery, hunting, shooting, and her favorite; Knife Throwing. He was rather good when it came to sending a blade flying at a target, just between her fingers. Her father took notice in this and did give his approval to this fact and began for the first time, praising her and bringing her to his social gatherings.
    In her 15 years of living with him and putting up with grunts of disapproval, it finally felt good to be praised and having him show her off. Although, her mother was a bit of a different story. She felt like since Aeaea was a girl, she should be doing lady like things, like cooking or whatever it is females her age did. It's not like Aeaea really paid attention to those things.
    Over time she noticed her parents fighting over more and more silly little things until it came to the point where they really didn't talk anymore. It went on like this until she turned nineteen, but that's when she began noticing some strange things happening around the world. Some crazy epidemic breaking out, and the military requesting all the help they could get. So, sick of all the dark and gloomy feelings in her house, she packed her things and went to the camp right away.
    She was surprised when they basically we're letting everyone in but not telling them why the urgent need for soldiers was. All they told them was that, if they saw anyone walking around strangely and seeming 'unhealthy' to shoot them on the spot in the skull. But how could she really question them? If there was something serious they would tell them, right? 
    So for about a year or so she followed orders. Shooting those she saw who seemed to be brainless in a sense, but each time she saw them they looked more and more half dead and it frightened her. She started going around and questioning some of the higher ups but always got ignored or brushed off. She had just had enough when she began seeing them shooting those who begged for help, one winter. She hadn't seen a healthy and 'living' pokemon until then and she just dropped her things right then and there and made a break for it. 
While running though, she was confronted by some survivors out there and got attacked but was able to make a run for it, escaping with some serious wounds but nothing fatal. 


Aeaea has a strong, silent personality. She tries to keep out of most fights and if she does get pulled in, she tries to break it up the best she can which normally ends up with a knife at their throats. Because she's a grass type, most take her to be 'delicate' and 'thin framed' but those who make this mistake end up regretting it. She has a bit of a temper and comes off cold to those she just meets but when you get to know her long enough she can be caring when no-one else is around. She has trust issues after her time with being in the military and absolutely hates to be lied to. She doesn't take compliments easily and ends up blushing like crazy and just standing there, threatening them to shut up or else.

Likes and Dislikes:

+Sunny and warm weather
+Rain every once in a while

-Cold Weather
-The military
-Her scars


~Her name comes from the island from the epic, The Odyssey, home to the Goddess 
~She's a bit of a hopeless romantic
~Tends to trust grass types a bit more
~While running from military, she got attacked and has scars running down her chest and legs from her throat down, and tends to cover them up. If she really trusts you, she'll show you them.
~Hates the scars along her body with a burning passion. She believes they make her ugly and feel weak
~Terrified of the dark 
~Completely useless when it comes to directions 
~Opens up to other women, easier
~Suffers from nightmares about her scar, every once in a while. Usually wakes up in a panic and they throb and hurt
~Her hair is actually only shoulder length, but looks longer because it is extremely thick
~:new: The drops underneath her eyes are actually paint. Like battle markings n'shit


Everyone Will Die - Motion City Sountrack 
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